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Anartisis is a perfect tool for publishers, magazines, newspapers, bloggers and other news websites, for everyone who wants to work in blogspot.
Use Anartisis for many niches, such as politics, fashion, gaming, videos, music, business and world news.
This Blogger Theme is based on the latest Bootstrap 4 framework and it’s fully responsive.
Organized files for Blogger Theme Designer tool will help you to customize the look of your website.
Try Anartisis Blogger Theme today and build your perfect magazine website.





Main features

  • Clean, Responsive Design
  • Images Lazyload Feature
  • Drag and Drop Homepage Builder
  • Official Blogger Google Fonts
  • Unlimited Color Combination
  • Turbo Fast Support
  • Layout Control Options
  • Social Counter Check
  • RTL Direction Support
  • Easy to Customize
  • Flexible and Multipurpose
  • Megamenu based on Labels
  • Ready to Translate
  • Easy Youtube Video Upload from Post Editor Check
  • And much more…

Note: Images are for demo purpose only and not included in the template package.


v1.7.5 [18/2/2021 ]

- Appear the Mega Menu as link on mobile
- Improve Body Classes with new Blogger method classes
- Add versions to stylesheets and js codes

v1.7.4 [11/11/2020 ]

- Images were not responsive on the static pages. (has been fixed)

v1.7.3 [26/10/2020 ]

- Improve overflow-x on Android and IOS Browsers.

v1.7.2 [20/7/2020 ]

- Optimize magazine blocks to display automatic third-party thumbnails

v1.7.1 [30/6/2020 ]

- Optimize Layout for new Blogger Update.
- Tips, how to use first image after new Blogger Update (Video Youtube)

v1.7.0 [8/5/2020 ]

- Fixed error in blocks with posts without images. (Add lazyload to no image)

v1.6.9 [12/4/2020 ]

- Improve translations text Related Posts

v1.6.8 [18/3/2020 ]

- Fixes .nav-item paddings on RTL
- Use adsense ads and banner ads inside the Magazine Builder section

v1.6.7 [ 2/2/2020 ]

- New DEMO Template (Classic)
- Fixed aligns in RTL on Main Menu
- Fixed top icons margins on RTL

v1.6.6 [ 4/1/2020 ]

- Upgrade Bootstrap Framework to v4.4.1

v1.6.5 [ 25/9/2019 ]

- Fixed. Problem with Header Image. Don't show when the size is s400.
- Fixed. Archive widget didn't work properly.
- Remove <div></div> from the official Lightbox.

v1.6.4 [ 3/9/2019 ]

- Fixed: Problem with Post Featured Image.
It didn't work properly when didn't use it in LightBox

v1.6.3 [ 17/6/2019 ]

- Fixed: Contact Form short code in static pages
- Add new option in slider short code for background color
- New DEMO Template (Gaming)

v1.6.2 [ 5/6/2019 ]

1. Fixed: Could not define featured image in posts with youtube videos.
2. Centered Search Form and Contact Form modals.
3. Add modal buttons on headline when don't have Social Buttons.
4. Fixed: Lazyload on Popular Posts and Featured Posts.
5. Fixed: Alt in widgets with images.

v1.6.1 [ 30/5/2019 ]

1. Fixed: Fonts and Full Page short code on Static Pages.
2. Fixed: Post Button Short Code. (doesn't show on focus)
3. Manual RTL Direction (Problem with iframes on Chrome in automatic RTL)
4. Fixed: Auto height in Post Youtube iframes.

v1.6.0 [ 24/5/2019 ]

1. Images lazyload feature.
2. Change the Featured Image (from auto to selected manual)
3. Many option separate from jQuery.
4. Change the dimensions of images in all blocks.
5. Tooltip Share buttons.
6. and much more...

v1.5.5 [ 2/5/2019 ]

- Remove Google+ Share Button
- Fixes max width of post images

v1.5.4 [ 1/4/2019 ]

- New DEMO template (NEWSPAPER)
- Fixed: Jump Link. (Some posts not showing after using many images or third party codes in Posts)
- Add Short Code Buttons to the Posts. (Create easy Bootstrap buttons using Short Code).
- Expanding Capabilities in Magazine Builder section. (You can change the widget background color easy for each magazine block)

v1.5.3 [ 8/3/2019 ]

- Upgrade Bootstrap from 4.1.3 to 4.3.1
- Fixed: Pointer on Navbar Toggler

v1.5.0 [ 1/2/2019 ]

- Change the number of grids on megamenu 4 to 5.
- Add 2 new Slider blocks.
- Add New template (Press News) based on Bootstrap Gradients.

v1.4.4 [ 19/1/2019 ]

- Add Hover Effects in Dropdown Menu
- Add new OPTION (Left Sidebar)
- Add new OPTION (Hide Blog fron the Homepage)
- Translate widget for Search Placeholder

v1.4.3 [ 13/1/2019 ]

- Fixed: Problem in mobile menu.
- Customize bootsrap buttons.

v1.4.0 [ 9/1/2019 ]

- Replace Simple Weather widget with Headline Menu.
(SimpleWeather has been unreliable with the Yahoo API for some time and there are no plans to update it.)

v1.3.3 [ 19/12/2018 ]

- Fixed: Problem in Follow by Email Widget

v1.3.2 [ 10/12/2018 ]

- 1 New Demo: Breaking News

v1.3.1 [ 29/11/2018 ]

- Fixed: Problem in HTML setup post. Sidebar left the position if we made settings in the 300 first characters.
- Add Hover Effects in Thumbnails. (Options for thumbnail background)
- Add Translation Widgets in Theme Options.
- 1 New Demo. Anartisis Fresh.
- Add Options for Logo and Menu in Mobile
- Add View All link in Magazine Blocks.

v1.2.8 [ 12/11/2018 ]

- Fixed: Problem in Comment Form. (Not showing on Android) 
- Fixed: Twitter Thumnails (Not showing on tweets)

v1.2.7 [ 11/11/2018 ]

- Update Documentation for Post Text Styling
- Fixes a problem with post snippets. (Not showing background) 

v1.2.6 [ 8/11/2018 ]

- Fixes z-index on Floating Header. (Not working properly at Lightbox.) 
- Fixes z-index on Widget Loader. 

v1.2.5 [ 5/11/2018 ]

- Fixes Post Heading. 

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